January 31, 2012

Sugar Space co.da (Cooperative Dance Company)

2013-2014 Company Update!

Sugar Space [co.da] (cooperative dance company)
Auditions were successful and we would like to welcome full time company members: Josh Mora, Brooklyn Draper, Monica Remes, Ashley Mott, Jane Jackson, Fiona Nelson, Emily Jane Weaver, Heather McOmber Wilde, Karyn Nelson,  Lisa Shen  and Part time members: Desiree Simons, Tara Prince, Sara Jackson, Hillary Van Moorleghem, Aleisha Paspuel
Their show will be in March 2014 but join the facebook page to find out about other events, open rehearsals, guest artist updates and more.

Read the SLC Tribune Article about co.da!

Sugar Space co·da (cooperative dance company)

co·da is the new, professional modern dance company in residence  at Sugar Space Studio for the Arts.

Membership in co·da is based on an audition process consisting of a 2 minute solo, 30 second teaching phrase and an interview. Initial members will be chosen by a panel of artists. After the first installment, new members will be voted in by current members along with Sugar Space.

co·da is seeking creative and talented dancers with a unique and original voice who are interested in exploring new approaches to dance.

Group Structure
Each week there will be a meeting followed by group class (structure tbd by group) followed by rehearsals. Times for this weekly 5 hour allotment will be determined by members based on availability.

Open Class
Members will take turns teaching a weekly advanced level class that is open to the public. Not all members are required to teach as everyone will fulfill different roles in the cooperative.

The company will produce two performances a year. Choreographers and performers will be chosen from within the group. Occasionally, guest performers will be included based on consensus.

Guest Artist Residency Program
Sugar Space and co·da will nominate, vote and invite one out of town (or occasional in town) guest artist yearly or bi-yearly to set a piece on the company. Residency will generally take place in the summer. Guest artists will be provided with housing and 1 week full and 24 hour private access to Sugar Space Studio to rehearse, teach classes, set a piece on members and do a performance.

Member Requirements
+ Dancers should be at a professional level.
+ Participate in teaching open classes on a rotating basis.
+ Participate in planning/running a minimum of two fundraising events per year.
+ Help equally with all aspects of running a company.
+ Participate in joint decision making and be an active participant in managing the company in all ways.
+ Make at least a 6 month commitment.

Financial Structure
Funding for co·da will come from a variety of sources including:
+ Reduced and/or donated time, administrative oversight, rehearsal, class and performance space at Sugar Space
+ Performance ticket sales income
+ Fundraising events
+ Ad sales in programs
+ Donations and grants
+ Class ticket sales from community classes

Company funds will be broken down by percentages and will cover the following categories:
+ Paying members
+ Marketing
+ Production
+ Guest Artist Fees
+ Administrative

Auditions for the upcoming company:

Auditions: Auditions for the next co.da company will take place April 2014. For more information and to apply:

Email the following application questions to admin@thesugarspace.com
Please include contact information.

+ Why do you want to be a member of Sugar Space co·da?
+ How do you envision a cooperative dance company functioning?
+ What times are you NOT available for company class, group rehearsals and/or teaching times mentioned on this sheet?
+ Would you be able to be an active participant in this company and be able to meet the member requirements?
+ Do you have any special skills you think you could add?
+ Are you prepared to make a professional commitment and be a fully active participant for a minimum of 6 months?
+ Are you comfortable teaching?
+ Are you interested in choreographing or mainly performing?

Questions? Call 385-202-5504 or email us.

Current Staff
Director: Brittany Reese
Artistic Advisory Board: Stephen Brown, Neta Pulvermacher, Sarah Skaggs, Kari Hoaas