May 9, 2018


Welcome, to Sugar Space Arts Preschool! Sugar Space Arts Preschool is an Arts based program for children ages (3-5) years of age. It provides a warm and nurturing educational environment that explores weekly thematic concepts through creative movement, drama, music, visual art, and creative writing. Sugar Space Arts Preschool is an exciting and creative place where children are encouraged to explore, observe, express, question, dream, experience, imagine, experiment, grow, learn, and befriend while developing at their own rate. At the same time, the Sugar Space Arts Preschool provides important Integrated Arts learning experiences aimed to prepare children for success upon entering Kindergarten (individual goals are made according to each student’s individual needs). It provides a well-rounded curriculum approach that takes into consideration the Utah State Office of Education Pre-Kindergarten Guidelines and aims to help each student work toward meeting its intended learning outcomes.

For more information and to set up a tour (beginning Summer 2019), please contact us at